Types of Corrugated Paper Sheets
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Types of Corrugated Paper Sheets
Generally, the corrugated paper boards can be divided into 3 kinds depending on the number of the paper layers.

1. Single Face:

The single face corrugated boards consist of one plain paper sheet attached with one corrugated sheet. They are used to prevent impacts to the products or attach onto the offset boxes.
Standard corrugation: B, C
2. Single Well (Three-Layer Corrugated Paper Boards) :

The single well boards comprise of two plain paper sheets attached in between by one corrugated paper sheet. They are used with moderately weighted products or product not requiring much strength.
Standard corrugation: B. C
3. Double Well (Five-Layer Corrugated Paper Boards):

The double well boards are made from three plain sheets attached in between each of those two by one corrugated paper sheet. The corrugated paper attached to the outer box surface sheet is of B corrugation type for printing purpose and the insidious corrugated paper sheet is of C corrugation type. The double well board can bear impacts and provide high prevention to the products or are for products with heavy weight.
How to Measure a Box?

Measure the length, width and height.